Private cloud in the hybrid cloud era

Private clouds have become a major catalyst for business growth and differentiation while supporting organizations’ need to manage highly sensitive information. Along with public clouds, they are leading the way to a far more agile, open environment for development and innovation, providing developers with unbridled access to the resources they need to design, build and deploy differentiating products and services faster than ever before. They are also leveraging automation more extensively than ever before to solve problems and improve operational efficiencies, and they are churning out substantial cost savings in the process. And these benefits are just the beginning. As cloud computing moves into the hybrid era, the business impact is expected to broaden exponentially in ways that have yet to be fully understood.

Private clouds help lay the essential foundation for hybrid computing by putting in place much of the workload and management automation that will be needed. While an increasing nu mber of private cloud products are providing turnkey functionality right out of the box, optimal business agility depends on making the right service and technology choices.